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Innovation News - Bulletin 103 (Jun 09)

Drivetrains and transmissions lead this month's innovation including an gasoline engine with diesel efficiency and a GKN LSD for the Mazd

Sector Reports

The ACC shows slight encouragement for the chemical industry's production index, but ACEA can't lift the gloom for the European auto make

Upstream News - Bulletin 103 (Jun 09)

A sudden spike in oil prices elicits various opinions, but tension still remains in the finished lubes sector; Nigeria voices concerns ov

Corporate News - Bulletin 102 (May 09)

Fiat’s bid for global automotive domination is the focus of a packed "In The Mix" section, with Q1 figures from the major oil producers, Val

Sports News - Bulletin 102 (May 09)

A chocolate powered, carrot-steered F3 car and the first zero-carbon motorcycle race takes place at the Isle of Man.

Sector Reports

The US API Group 1 capacity is down according to the latest Lubricating\n Oil and Wax Capacity Report and the Block Exemption debate rumbles

Innovation News - Bulletin 102 (May 09)

The challenge intensifies for the ILASC GF-5 specification, while we bid farewell to API CG-4 and welcome a new range of low ash engine oils

Environment News - Bulletin 102 (May 09)

The Auto Alliance releases new biofuel guidelines, the EPA calls for comment on increasing ethanol blends, the European Whole Vehicle Type A