Increasing website traffic

Getting more of your visitors to search for and purchase the right lubricant products

OATS enables VRM, Keyword or Make, modelĀ  search options through API feed or website design and hosting.

Helping drivers, retailers, workshops, distributors search digitally or offline for the right lubricant for their vehicle or industrial equipment has become a key way of offering added value. Increasingly this is being offered in new forms such as through chatbots and other apps.

OATS can support Lubricant manufacturers, blenders and marketers deliver such search requirements by offering different search procedures which make it really easy for the user to find their vehicle quickly and ensure that if recommendations cannot be made, that appropriate messages or solutions are provided

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Regular updates

Equipment is constantly being updated across markets and sectors.

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Is now available as an additional search type across 12 European markets.

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Website analytics and API usage reporting provided as standard including top searched for vehicles and % of successful searches

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High resilience and performance

Using scalable architecture and multi location hosting we offer industry leading API and Website response times and availability.