Product portfolio management

Matching your lubricant products to OEM equipment

Product Manager

Product Manager is a sophisticated tool to enable Lubricant manufacturers, blenders and marketers to make product recommendations and analyse coverage of OEM equipment quickly and efficiently

OATS provides Product Manager and technical expertise to support your teams to ensure you have optimised your product portfolio, can identify where there are gaps and can deliver a set of prioritised recommendations across multiple brands and markets.

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Functional flexibility

Including product tiering to deliver good, better, best alternatives and provision of channels to deliver matching across brands and markets to suit different requirements.

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Of product descriptions, codes, pack sizes, packshots plus TDS and MSDS links.

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Powerful performance

From instantaneous matching of new products and new equipment.

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Clear workflow

Which enables technical and final product receommendations to be made efficiently.

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Extensive reporting

Indicating product coverage, gaps and opportunities.

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To optimise product and portfolio strengths by combining equipment in production data with product and OEM specification data.